Q: Do you have any beginner programs or introductory programs?

A: Yes! We have programs available for people of all levels. Even if you have never touched a barbell before in your life we can get you started.


Q: Can I come by and try a workout?

A: Of course! Evolve Strength Sunridge allows a free drop in to come and meet with me and try out the gym and coaching. If you wish to try it out more than once you will need to pay a drop in to the facility.


Q: Do I need a membership to Evolve in order to train with you?

A: For in person coaching, yes you do. Your Evolve membership does give you access to all Evolve Strength facilities in the province, though! And at $60/mth it’s worth it!


Q: How many competitions can I do per year?

A: We usually plan out which competitions we are training for, and it comes to roughly 3 or 4 per year. Novice athletes usually don’t compete until about 6 months into training, but when you get more experience we encourage you to try it out!


Q: Do I need special equipment to get started?

A: Just a pair of indoor shoes and some stretchy or loose fitting clothing you can move around in.


Q: What if I get injured?

A: We have many protocols for working around injuries. Most are minor and require just a little change to the program to accommodate you. I would highly recommend seeing one of the Chiro’s or RMT’s at DynamicYYC in order to receive a treatment plan as well as integrate that plan into your program.